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Two UBB academics are part of the Presidential Committee on the Country Project


A Presidential Committee has been established on the Country Project; it consists of 23 people, namely a government representative, two representatives of each parliamentary party and ten personalities. Ioan-Aurel Pop, academician and rector of Babeș-Bolyai University and Vasile Pușcaș, professor PhD at the Faculty of European Studies former chief negotiator for Romanian Accession to the European Union have been nominated to join the Country Project Committee. According to the statements of Madalina Dobrovolschi, the President’s spokesperson, the Country Project will function under the Presidential Administration and will be coordinated by presidential advisors Leonard Orban and Cosmin Marinescu.
Klaus Iohannis’ spokesperson stated that the ten personalities are “well-known persons with a good understanding of European realities and affairs” and who will act on their own behalf , not on the behalf on institutions where they worked or where they work today.

The entire committee consists of:

1.Cristian POPA – Former Deputy Governor of BNR, former Vice President of the European Investment Bank
2. Dan DUNGACIU – Sociologist and geo-politician, President of the Black Sea Foundation
3. Gabriela DRAGAN – Professor at Bucharest University of Economic Studies, General Manager of the European Institute in Romania
4. Ioan-Aurel POP – Academician, Rector of Babes-Bolyai University of Cluj

5. Gheorghe OPRESCU – Professor at Polytechnic University of Bucharest and former President of the Competition Council
6. Lucian CROITORU – adviser of the BNR Governor on monetary policy issues

7. Vasile PUSCAS – Historian, professor at Babes Bolyai University and former chief-negotiator for EU accession
8. Cristian PIRVULESCU – Political scientist, President of the Pro Democratia Association
9. Valentin LAZEA – Economist – Head of the National Bank of Romania
10. Iulian CHIFU – Former presidential advisor, foreign policy analyst, professor at SNSPA Bucharest

  1. Government Representative
  2. Vasile Iuga – PwC Senior Advisor

III. Political parties representatives

  1. Viorel Ștefan – MP, President of the Chamber of Deputies’ Committee on Budget, Finance and Banking (PSD)
    13. Marius Nica – Former European Funds Minister (PSD)
    14. Ene Dinga – Former European Integration Minister, Scientific researcher, Romanian Academy (PNL)
    15. Adrian Ciocanea – university professor – Polytechnic University of Bucharest (PNL)
    16. Winkler Gyula – Member of the European Parliament (UDMR)
    17. Korodi Attila – MP (UDMR)
    18. Varujan Pambuccian – leader of the group of minorities in the Chamber of Deputies
  2. Ovidiu Victor Gant – Vice-leader of the group of minorities in the Chamber of Deputies
    20. Cosmin Cristian – Former Secretary of State in Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration (ALDE)
    21. Radu Cojocaru, Engineer, former MP (ALDE)
    22. Siegfried Muresan – Member of the European Parliament, PPE spokespman (PMP)
    23. Lucian Alexandru Curtu, Dean of the Faculty of Forestry and Forestry Exploitations at Transilvania University of Brasov


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