Happy Easter!

Psychology shows us that tolerance to frustration means looking for solutions to practical issues we are confronted with (when our goals or wishes are obstructed), but, at the same time, living our best quality of life. When goals or wishes are obstructed, some of us develop an intolerance to frustration (called low tolerance to frustration), which is often associated with feelings of anger/aggression lodged in frustration, sometimes even causing us to relinquish finding a solution to our problem and blocking personal growth, which complicates both finding a practical solution to the problem and having a good quality of life. Tolerance to frustration is learnt on a bio-psychological background! However, if we were not taught how to deal with that and if we are good Christians during these Easter celebrations of 2022, let us at least remember the words of Jesus Christ, who, in a form of tolerance to frustration discovered prior to psychology’s general scientific discovery/validation of the concept, said: In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world. (John 16:33) During the pandemic, war and maybe personal frustration, within the context of Easter holidays, let us think hard about these words and adopt their teaching for a better life, for us and for those around us.


Christ has resurrected!

Prof. Psych. Daniel David, Ph.D., UBB Rector