REGULATION for granting the David Prodan scholarship

General provisions:

Art. 1. The idea of granting a scholarship in memory of historian David Prodan appeared in 2017, as UBB took over from Cluj-Napoca City Hall the apartment on 1 David Prodan Street, 1st floor, apt. 7, where the former UBB professor lived, in order to stimulate the preoccupation for the research and knowledge of medieval and modern history among the researchers from the country and abroad.

  Art. 2.  David Prodan Scholarship is a moral and material reward for Romanian and foreign researchers who have distinguished themselves in the fields of Medieval and Modern History and especially have produced original scientific papers, which use archival documents and undertake the directions and themes researched by professor and historian David Prodan throughout his career.

  1. Submission of applications and evaluation procedure:

Art. 3. The David Prodan Scholarship is granted on a quarterly basis following a selection process for candidates who apply for the competition organized by the Academic Cultural Heritage Department (DPCU) of UBB.

Art. 4. Registration for the competition is open throughout the year and it requires the submission of an

application file at the DPCU secretariat or emailing the file to

Art. 5. The competition is open to teachers, researchers and PhD students who have engaged in and carried out an original historical research, which materialized in a book (at least one paper) and / or research studies, and which must meet the following criteria:

  1. the focus of the scientific paper must be in the range of the 1400-1920 time period.
  2. the scientific research has to pursue themes or aspects of the following historical research directions opened by David Prodan:
  • Enlightenment in 18th-19th century in Central Europe and / or Transylvania
  • History of the population
  • Economic and social history
  • History of Ideas in Medieval and Modern Times
  • History of the national emancipation movement of the Romanians in Transylvania
  • History of Transylvania
  • Relations between the Romanian Countries
  • The 1848 Revolution

Art. 6. After collecting the candidates’ files, they will be evaluated on a quarterly basis by

the Academic Scholarship Selection Committee, consisting of five members: a representative of the Rector’s office (head), a DPCU representative, a representative of the UBB Population Study Centre, a representative of the Centre for Transylvanian Studies (CST) from the Romanian Academy and one teacher appointed by the Dean of the Faculty of History and Philosophy of UBB in agreement with the members of the faculty council (members). The Academic Scholarship Selection Committee is appointed  for a period of 2 years by the parties involved, with the possibility of unlimited extension of their mandates by those who have appointed them.

Art. 7. For evaluation, candidates will submit a file containing the following


  • Letter of intent to participate in the competition, describing the proposed research project to be conducted during the stay in Cluj-Napoca (about 1500 words)
  • Curriculum Vitae, professional activity and list of published papers
  • The research paper which is representative of the aforementioned domains in physical and / or electronic form (only books and / or articles already published are accepted, forthcoming papers will not be considered).
  • A recommendation from the head of the institution where he / she is affiliated or a person in the field of historiography

Art. 8. Assessment and scholarship granting criteria:

  • The published paper and the research project undertake the directions and themes pursued throughout his scientific career by professor and historian David Prodan.
  • The Selection Committee will draft an evaluation grid for the letter of intent, the CV and list of publications, and the printed paper
  • In case of an equal score between the applicants, the tie-breaker will take into account the entire professional activity carried out by the candidates
  • Scholarship granting:
  • The scholarship winner is announced on the UBB website and at DPCU within 25 days of the beginning of each academic quarter.
  • The David Prodan Scholarship covers:
  1. free accommodation in the apartment / memorial house on David Prodan Street for a 4-10 week period,
  2. free access to the library in this building,
  3. facilitating free access to the specific research infrastructure and to the other specialized libraries within UBB,
  4. ensuring academic contacts with the human resource within UBB and CST,
  5. providing an outlet for publishing the results of the research project in the publications of the UBB and / or of the Transylvanian Studies Centre (following the peer-review formalities of each publication).
  6. Depending on the funds attracted by UBB or CST for this scholarship programme through internal or external grants, the scholarship recipient may also be awarded a daily allowance in Romanian lei (RON) for the entire period spent in Cluj-Napoca but which will not exceed the national minimum wage at the time, and which the scholarship holder will receive at the beginning of the scholarship mobility.
  • The scholarship holder has the obligation to meet regularly with UBB and CST specialists for guidance and to present the development of their research, as well as the obligation to deliver at least one public lecture during the internship, at a date jointly established by the scholarship holder and the Academic Scholarship Selection Committee

Final provisions:

 This Methodology was approved in the meeting of the Administration Council of UBB on January 29, 2018 and in the UBB Senate meeting on February 12, 2018 and will enter into force as of April 2018.

The application files for the David Prodan Scholarship can be submitted continuously, during the entire academic year; the documents signed on each page must be scanned and sent in electronic format to the Academic Cultural Heritage Department ( The evaluation of the files will take place quarterly; exceptionally, for the first trimester, this evaluation will be carried out according to the calendar below.


14 May 2018 – first evaluation of the submitted files

21 May 2018 – the results of the evaluation will be published on the website of the Babeș-Bolyai University

22-23 May 2018 – submitting of claims in electronic format to the Academic Cultural Heritage Department (

24 May 2018 – publication of claim resolutions and announcement of the winner of the David Prodan Scholarship on the website of the Babeș-Bolyai University

1 June 2018 – commencement of the first scholarship mobility

For further details regarding the granting procedure of the David Prodan Scholarship, please contact the Academic Cultural Heritage Department at