The Rector’s message on the occasion of Easter Holiday

Spring is the season when ideas, conceived in winter and prompted by autumnal reflections, are formulated and put into practice, as spring is the time of action! A privileged connection thus establishes in our mind between cognition and action, a connection stimulated systematically by the emotions induced by the beauty of spring. It is a rebirth of nature and of life expressed through action, in which even the fantasy and magic of winter lose their charm against the beauty of nature.

But this spring is different, marked as it is by the pandemic. We therefore need solidarity, trust and hope more than ever in these difficult times we are going through, and the Easter holidays are a propitious time for reflection and introspection. Despite the physical distance that voluntarily or involuntarily keeps us apart, let us not forget that the psychological/spiritual closeness can be constrained by no one and nothing, so we can rejoice in the Resurrection together. Happy Easter!

Professor Daniel David, PhD

Rector of Babeș-Bolyai University