The winner of the solution bid of the new smart specialisation of the city of Cluj-Napoca – UBB: Infobionano4health

The international solution bid for Cluj Science Camp established on Thursday, 23rd June 2022, the winner of the competition: the team of architects from KXL Studio. 17 projects from several countries (e.g., Belgium, France, The Netherlands, Romania, Spain, U.K. etc.) participated in the bid.

Babeș-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca (UBB) and the Cluj-Napoca City Hall sealed a partnership for the Cluj Science Camp urban innovation ecosystem complex; as seen in the photos below, UBB would contribute to the UBB miniCampus – InfoBioNano4Health (having an educational component for the informatics specialisation – the largest in the country; a research-development-innovation component – the InfoBioNano4Health Institute mainly dedicated to challenge-based research in entrepreneurial ecosystems; and accommodation and recreation areas for students). The city hall would complete this UBB miniCampus by connecting it to pre-university education and, very importantly, to the citizen science component.

Within this context, the UBB rector, Prof. Daniel David, declared that “InfoBioNano4Health brings together the strongest assets of knowledge in UBB, organised according to the STEM paradigm (Science/Technology/Engineering/Mathematics), one that supports not only incremental innovation, such as the more technical applied research paradigm, but also disruptive innovation. Indeed, the parts involving computer science (AI/Quantum/Big Data – Data Science/ Cybersecurity etc.) and bio-nano sciences/technologies will be used for innovative development in health, both human health (UBB is already an international actor in mental and public health, with applications aiming more diverse fields), and the environmental health. In this process, social humanistic sciences guarantee and mediate the safety of this technology and its acceptance by people and society; in the end, therefore, STEM becomes STEAM (A – art and social humanities). In conclusion, InfoBioNano4Health – this smart specialisation of the city – will generate the city’s and Transylvania’s national competitiveness, as well as the country’s competitiveness on a global level.”