UBB-EON Advanced Fellowship at STAR-UBB Institute of Babeș-Bolyai University

Recently, Babeş-Bolyai University of Cluj-Napoca (UBB) has redefined its relation with the economic environment through its newly created Institute of Advanced Studies in Science and Technology (STAR-UBB Institute – http://starubb.institute.ubbcluj.ro/).

UBB is an advanced research university (world-class), where knowledge generated by research (research-development-innovation) is at the basis of both (1) teaching – in a humboldtian model of imparting knowledge in the modern logic of learning/teaching through research (discovery), and of (2) services to the socio-economic environment – innovative and/or community/educational ones (outreach).

Several new partnerships have already been initiated in this new paradigm with national (e.g., NTT DATA) and international companies, in the form of Advanced Fellowships of the STAR-UBB Institute. The use of advanced innovative knowledge to solve complex practical problems of our collaborators offers a competitive advantage to our collaborators.

A recent collaboration with EON Reality Inc. American Company (https://www.eonreality.com/) has implemented the program “VR-based Application for the Assessment and Modification of Cognitive Biases for Promoting Mental Health”. The program will be implemented as UBB-EON Advanced Fellowship through the STAR-UBB Institute by a group of psychologists of the International Institute of Psychotherapy of UBB (http://www.psychotherapy.ro). Administrative aspects of the program will be managed by the Office for the Management and Technological and Cognitive Transfer of UBB.