As it nears the end of the year, UBB is ranked the first university in the country according to the most recent international university ranking (URAP)

Babeș-Bolyai University of Cluj-Napoca (UBB) has once more been ranked first among the Romanian universities included in the most recent international university ranking – the URAP (University Ranking by Academic Performance).

Published in December 2020, the most recent international ranking accredited by IREG, URAP includes UBB, holding position 902 at an international level (

“There are several global international university rankings and those accredited by the IREG international body (11 in 2020) are summarised annually in the country, in the University Metarankng; UBB holds the first positions in the country in all these rankings, and in most of them is ranked first among Romanian universities, holding therefore first position in the 2020 University Metaranking. In the URAP ranking, too, which is focused on the research-development-innovation activity (CDI) in an international context, UBB has remained first in the country this year, which pleases me. However, if there are no mechanisms to support the CDI activity in universities, not only will the position of Romanian universities in rankings be weakened (which is not the main purpose), but the country’s ability to generate knowledge to sustain innovations in society and to the benefit of people will also be affected”, says the UBB rector, Prof. Daniel David.

URAP is one of the most important international rankings to establish a hierarchy of universities considering their academic performance, according to indexes that reflect both quality and the number of scientific publications, the impact of publications, quotations, and also international cooperation.

Beginning with 2010, URAP annually conducts the global ranking of higher education institutions (World Ranking of Higher Education Institutions), as the ranking on fields was begun in 2011.