UBB, dedicated to innovating the curricula

Beginning with the 2021-2022 academic year, Babeș-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca (UBB) will bring about innovation in the curricula.

All curricula have been re-approved (or new ones have been developed) after a careful analysis involving several stakeholders: (1) the academic environment (considering the international reference models); (2) students and (3) society/ the social economic environment. Aside from the traditional programmes that have been re-analysed and brought up to date, a transversal course of entrepreneurship was introduced that may be accessed by all UBB students at any time during their studies (Bachelor/ Master/ doctorate), and which will be held in modules, by top professionals in the social economic and academic fields.

It’s been a major effort to modernise the curricula – given that UBB, as the largest academic community in the country, has 503 Bachelor’s/Master’s programmes (253 Master’s programmes), and 32 doctoral fields -, but it was a necessary process considering that our university takes on a global role on an international level. I am grateful to everyone for their involvement, and I am committed to a similar annual analysis, in order to modernize the curricula and include relevant transversal courses. For instance, in order to strengthen the humanistic culture of our graduates, we will be analysing the implementation, as of 2022, of a news transversal courses entitled “Logic, Rhetoric and Argumentation Theory”. UBB students must be and are being prepared not only to be excellent professionals, but also good citizens (e.g., vice-rectors of democracy and human rights), with an entrepreneurial mindset, said the UBB rector, Prof. Daniel David.