Strategic Consultative Council on Social Economic Matters

Babeș-Bolyai University of Cluj-Napoca (UBB) has set up the Rector’s Strategic Consultative Council to discuss the university’s actions within the social economic areal.

The Rector’s Strategic Consultative Council will advise the UBB rector on how to better manage the university in the social economic areal, so as to perform the best operative leadership, thus contributing in a more particular way to the modernisation of the UBB organisational culture, as well as to better connect the UBB academic community with the social economic environment.

The Council includes representative professionals from the Romanian social economic environment, who have international experience and who have volunteered for the job.

The UBB Rector, Prof. Daniel David, offered the following declaration:  „I am glad that these professionals have joined the UBB academic community, and offered their expertise to contribute to the modernisation of the UBB organisational culture, and to achieve a better connection between the UBB academic community and the social economic environment. All these individuals have a top expertise in economics, and have been invited as expert, not representative of institutions. I’m glad that they accepted my invitation and that we will be working together in a partnership that involved bi-directional consultative relationships. UBB has several collaborations with many top professionals in the social economic areal, either at a micro level, or through the university High Senate. However, I was seeking a different result at this point – a flexible Council, with periodic meetings (at least once a month) and with people that I’d already known personally and/o whom have already had strong ties with UBB, and who, therefore, were familiarised with the university’s organisational culture. For starters, I wanted a smaller Council, in order to facilitate team work; gradually, as work proceedings are under way, I’m hoping that other experts show interest in the team, and also voluntarily commit their time and effort, and /or participate in some of the punctual meetings of the Council, where they can bring their expertise.”